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Dental Marketing:
Driven by Intelligence

We've generated over USD 140,623
for just one
dental clinic.

Dentistry is extremely competitive, and the more people know that you’re better than your competitors, the more clients will come to you. 

Dental Marketing is a passion before business to us. We help dentists grow their practises by providing quality dental marketing services across the industry. 

Multi-Channel Dental Marketing

Web Design

Dental Websites

Your website is your dental practise’s home online. We create memorable websites that are easy to navigate and convert.

PPC Management

Dental Lead Generation

Our PPC Google Ads campaign will ensure your dental practise is seen at the right place and time by your target audience.

Social Media

We help dentists connect on a more personal level with prospective and existing patients on social media for more visibility and referrals.


Dental SEO

To make sure that your potential patients can find your dental practise in Google results, we actively focus on improving SEO results.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

This involves creating valuable dental information for potential patients. It builds your authority and credibility as an expert dentist.

Graphic Design


Bring your dental practice to life with our custom brand strategy. We’ll craft the perfect logo, name, and tagline to attract patients.

Get a FREE analysis of your dental website with an action plan.

Why We Stand Out

Industry Experiance

Our deep insight into dental marketing and positive past experiences with patient interactions make us the professionals you need.

Exclusive Partnerships

We work with one dental clinic in one geographical location to avoid conflict of interests. This means that we won't work with your competitors.

Custom Strategies

We tailor our marketing strategy and solutions to the needs of your dental practise. We sell what you require to achieve your goals.


Better technology means more convenience; it helps save time and money in both patient acquisition and care. We make things better.

Dental Marketing FAQs

You love referrals. We love referrals too. However, in this day and age, you can’t just wait for people to seek you out. If someone is referred to your dental practise, they are probably going to check you out online. Patients today are smarter and want to know what other people think of you and your practise before making their decision.

You need to invest in dental marketing to make sure that people can find you on the internet when they are searching for the services you offer. Ask yourself: Do I need more new patients? If yes, let us do it for you.

Submit your dental practise website for a complete site audit review. We’ll tell you the problems and provide helpful suggestions.

We know what it takes to successfully market a dental practise. We have years of experience in the medical tourism industry, especially, with generating thousands of leads. Through our MINDER strategy, a result of intricate knowledge and sharp skills, we will promote your practise and increase your revenue.

In lead generation, marketing and advertising strategies are used to attract potential patients to your practise and turn them into a lead, by acquiring their name, email, or phone number, that you can then nurture into a patient.

Dental practises offer something of value to potential patients in exchange of some contact information which allows you to connect with them later. A practise may offer free consultation, giveaways for specific dental products, free annual membership, a referral bonus for current patients, etc.

Once you have a well-designed website, you need to make sure that your prospective patients can find it online easily. A great way to do this is by using search engine optimization (SEO), a must-use strategy for dental SEO marketing to bring more patients. 

Patients use specific keywords like “best dentist near me” in search engines to find a trustworthy dental practise near them. If your website ranks high and ahead of your competitors, they mostly land on your website, and call you or request an appointment. With our dental SEO strategy, your website will rank higher for dental keywords than your competitors’.

It takes a minimum of three to six months of steady, effective dental marketing to consistently reach new patients and see results. Search engines want to see good content and links from other reliable websites – which takes time and effort. If you are looking for fast dental leads generation, however, then we recommend pay-per-click advertising strategy.

Dental Marketeer™ is a trade mark which Minder Media owns. It is a specialised team of consultants for dental clinic owners.

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